The Future of the Internet

The Future Of The Internet (Blog)

The Future of the Internet

August 6, 2018 Internet 0

I almost can’t believe that 11 years ago the first ever iPhone graced our world and it seems that technology has been fast forwarding and hoping that we can catch up.

Face to face calls from miles away, the ability to download movies and music with a tap, I can even send an email to someone halfway around the world in less time that it takes to type this sentence!

The capabilities of technology are getting more and more into the realm of science fiction and the scary thing is, things such as flying cars, robots, and holograms aren’t impossible anymore. With all the changes to the internet and technology, I’m not the only one asking this:


What does the future look like?

The answers to this question range from predictions to studies of the past and trends of the present, and there are several answers that all could be possible with some of the most prominent being:

No connections

It’s one of the first questions that is asked when we go to a new place: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Several people think that localized connections and Wi-Fi will simply be permanent and have several systems layered on one another.

No more waiting or worrying about losing a signal because the signals will be everywhere, so you’ll have 24/7 connections.

An entire virtual world

With the release of augmented reality and virtual reality headsets for most gaming systems, I immersed myself into the lands of my favorite games and found myself truly becoming the hero I wanted to be. However, this tech isn’t just for video games anymore.

More and more companies are seeing to blend the online and the offline into a world all its own, ensuring that people can have a good mix of both at any point in their lives.

Deeper connections with others

At least for me, it’s comforting to know that my best friend, girlfriend, or grandma can be connected with regardless of where they are in the world with the touch of a button. I can maintain those relationships regardless of distance or time.

As the internet reaches across the world, more and more connections and understanding will follow between different groups of people as we learn more and more about them. By having these fast connections and the ability to see the entire world through our screens, human contact will follow.

Conclusion and warnings

Of course, the expansion of the internet is not without concerns, fears of robots taking human jobs away, the internet addiction, and the health warnings of using too much internet are still all real concerns that are being addressed.

But I believe humankind will find a way to get over them and use the internet for good. It might be a naive idea but I’ve always been an optimist. We need to not only understand the internet but also what it can do to us as well as for us.

Then we can look towards the future.